We run free online classes in all major school subjects and foreign languages for the children of Ukraine. Classes are taught in Ukrainian, Russian, or English.

Teachers for Ukrainian kids is an international non-profit project established by Lyzeum 2, an education center in Munich. Based in Germany, we connect volunteer teachers and students across the world.
We've had a total of over 1000 students since the project was established.
380 students are enrolled as of now.
We've received a total of over 1600 applications.
10 to 80 applications are filed every week.
Over 260 teachers currently work with our students.
A total of 314 teachers have worked with us since the project was established.
Almost all of our teachers are volunteers.
They work from 36 countries.
We've been there for you for 2 years.
Our project was established in March 2022.
About 235 lessons are taught every week.
We've taught a total of 33,100 lessons.
Below, we have collected some frequently asked questions about how our project works for students. Click on a question for more information, and be sure to email us if you haven't found your question on the list. To start learning, fill out the form!
Being a volunteer with us means joining a large but tight-knit community of enthusiastic teachers. We support each other, exchange experience and learn together. Our volunteers can always get help from our psychologist and education counselors specialized in the most popular subjects.
If you can't become a volunteer with Teachers for Ukrainian kids but you still want to support us, tell you friends about our project! You can also help us by making a donation.
Take a look at this virtual exhibition of drawings by our students! It was compiled by Aleksandra Moiseenko, a teacher who runs a drawing class with our project.

elementary school teacher
Thanks to the organizers of online lessons for kids in Ukraine in these times of hardship for every Ukrainian, we have the opportunity to see smiles on the faces of our students and their grateful and responsible parents. It's only because of Teachers for Ukrainian kids that we all can connect, teach and learn.
mother of a student
We're satisfied with the classes, my daughter gladly attends the lessons and does her homework with enthusiasm. We're more than grateful for the opportunity to take English lessons in these difficult times. Learning a foreign language these days is more important than ever before.
mother of two students
My sons and I sincerely thank your team for the opportunities you gave us! My younger son is learning English with Yekaterina, and my older son took part in state exam preparation courses. With all that's been happening, your project is a true lifesaver!
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