Teach for Ukraine
Teachers for
Ukrainian kids
Free classes in biology, chemistry, physics, maths, IT, and foreign languages for children from Ukraine. A non-profit project of Lyzeum 2 in Munich.
How does it work for kids?
Students apply via Google form

Our project is suitable for preschoolers and school-age children from Ukraine.

Students can choose up to 3 subjects
To give every child an opportunity to study with us we ask students to choose up to 3 subjects of the most interest.
Students join online classes
All the classes are given online. Teachers can choose the day and the program together with their students.
More than 60 teachers
All our volunteers are experts in their subjects and know how to find an individual approach to each child.
Contact with a tutor
A tutor is always in touch with students and their parents to resolve issues and support them.
Free classes
All our classes are free. We are currently teaching more than 200 children.
Our team
  • Galina Dostova
    communication with parents
  • Elena Mikhina
    volunteer coordinator
  • Igor Kogan
    founder of our project
  • Mikhail Khotyakov
    founder of our project
We have a big team of teachers, who work with us for free. You can support teachers from Ukraine by donation.
To help us you can donate any amount of money by PayPal or share information about the project.
Join our volunteer team
  • Who we are looking for
    Teachers of English and German language, but also Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking teachers of other school subjects.
  • What if I have no experience
    You can join us even if you have never taught before. You will join a big team that will always help and support you.
  • Why I should become a volunteer
    We can’t stop the war, but it’s impossible to sit idly. You can help yourself by helping others. With your help, children suffering from the war will have an opportunity to study and they won’t be alone.
Our project in numbers
applications received in the past 8 months
students currently studying
teachers giving classes
12 950
classes held since March the 3d
Our friends
We are always here for you!
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