Support our teachers and their families!
  • Olga Babukhivska
    Chemistry teacher
    When I lost my job and had to move away from home because of the war, the project breathed a second wind into me, giving me the opportunity to continue passing on knowledge to students and provide psychological support to children from different parts of Ukraine, as well as those who had to move abroad. Over time, I managed to return to a more or less „normal“ routine, and being part of the project became even more important to me. What is more, in this project I started working with groups. Before that I mostly taught individual learners and would never have dared to teach groups
    online. The project made me realize that I can do it and that students really enjoy my classes.
  • Yulia Litvinchuk
    Mathematics teacher
    Throughout the nine months of being part of the project I had a chance to meet children from all over Ukraine, talk to them, support and distract them from the grim present. The knowledge I passed on to my students has already made an impact on the future of these children. Dasha from Nikopol, a city in the south of Ukraine, passed her school State Exam and was admitted at a university in Kyiv to continue her studies. I am sincerely grateful to the project and that it is trying to do good despite everything!
  • There are 13 more families we do support!

Our project is non-profit and depends entirely on funds from our sponsors and donors. With your help, we pay the coordinators, and the teachers from Ukraine and cover technical expenses.

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